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The Club was founded in 1984 by a small group of women who wanted to help new arrivals make friends and become acquainted with the community.  There were 30 members that first year, and 40 years later our membership has grown to over 900 members!  We have been very fortunate to have members willing to give their time, energy and ideas, and as a result new things have been introduced each and every year.  We now have more than 80 monthly activities from which to choose, and there are more than 30 committees in which to get involved.  We are very excited to see what direction the club will take in future years under the influence of new members.  Newcomers Presidential History


The Newcomers Club of Amelia Island is open to any woman who resides in Nassau County, FL.  A member may retain membership as long as desired, provided she pays her dues on time and continues to reside in Nassau County. 


Each month there are 80+ activities for members to enjoy.  They are the basis for how we meet one another and form new friendships.  Once you become a member you are welcome to attend any club activity.  Each month members receive our Pelican Post via email, which contains club news and activity highlights.

Anyone in the club may propose a new activity.  The number of activities we offer is limited only by the number of people who are willing to volunteer their time.  Adding new activities keeps the club vibrant and interesting.  If interested in starting a new activity,  please contact a member of the Board.



Our club is governed by an Executive Board and a set of bylaws.  All of our club positions are filled by volunteers who love the club enough to donate their time and energy.  In addition to attending activities, the best way to make new friends is to volunteer to help within the club.  Check out the possibilities and join in!


Dues cover a membership year that runs April 1 – March 31.  If you join as a first time member in December-March dues will be adjusted.



New member events are held periodically to welcome new members and give them an opportunity to meet one another.  Once you become a member you will receive emails about these fun events. 


We are strictly a social club with members who enjoy making new friends, but also value their privacy.  The personal member information (found in the online member directory) is for club business only.  This information may not be used in any way to promote, network, solicit or advertise a member’s business, or the business of family or friends, for personal advantage or financial gain.  The club membership information may not be used for political or religious purposes.  Further we ask that members and their guests refrain from any type of solicitation at club sponsored events, in any club publication or via email or other media. 



Wendy Smith Fuss



Lesanne Vincent

 President -Elect


Polly McClure

Vice President


Mary Valenta



Jean Mauldin



Christine Fite

Membership Officer


 Barb Smith

Communications Officer


BJ Morris

Technology Officer


 Sandee Navarroli

Community Service Officer


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